Your blood glucose data.



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The Glucolight pod displays your blood glucose data in vibrant color.

Urgent Low




Urgent High

Glucolight provides low-impact, convenient, continuous monitoring by harnessing real-time data from continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).

Better Monitoring Means More Time in Range


Place your Glucolight where you need low-impact continuous monitoring most. Car, home, office, bike — Glucolight is portable and versatile.


Connect your continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and Glucolight pod. Customize colors, alerts, and settings directly in the app!

Real-Time Data

Glucolight automatically connects and doesn't have to travel with you. Build confidence staying in-range.

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Meet the Team

Our team is committed to expanding technology for people with diabetes.

William Stewart

Product Engineer

John Dean

Product Engineer

Anna Brokesh, PhD

Clinical Specialist

Achu Byju

Product Engineer

Daniel Coronel

Product Engineer

Daniel Desalvo, MD

Clinical Advisor

David Hitt, JD

Strategic Advisor

Let's build Glucolight, together.

Glucolight is by and for those impacted by diabetes. We want to empower our early adopters with the confidence that comes from low-impact continuous monitoring.

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Glucolight is currently in development, and is not cleared for sale or distribution. Glucolight products must not be used for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of any disease or condition.