A color-based glucose monitor that simplifies diabetes management

Glucolight helps you manage your diabetes with confidence by providing accessible and convenient monitoring tools.

Glucolight device and app

The Glucolight monitor is a compact, portable, color-based secondary glucose monitor designed for your vehicle, nightstand, home, office, and more.

Glucose monitoring, re-imagined

Better monitoring means more time-in-range and less risk for you or those you care about

Glucolight app screenshot


Customize which glucose values correspond to specific colors on your Glucolight monitors. Meet your monitoring goals!

Glucolight device


Glucolight monitors display your glucose trends in color too! Get advance notice when your glucose is rising or falling.



The Glucolight app does not need to be near the CGM to stream glucose data. Monitor your family’s glucose from work or home!



Designed to fit seamlessly in your car, home, or office. Glucolight starts streaming glucose color data automatically when you are nearby.

Glucolight connects with continuous glucose monitors

Glucolight leverages real-time glucose data from a variety of CGM manufacturers.


This is your optimal glucose range

No more buzzes and beeps

Glucolight uses silent visual signaling unless you say otherwise. Glucolight does not override your CGM system or associated alarms.


You decide how you engage with your data. Colors, trends, and alerts are fully customizable.


Glucolight has a long battery life and versatile mounting options to facilitate hands-free monitoring anywhere.


Glucolight uses vibrant colors and animations to simplify your diabetes management experience.

Frequently Asked Questions